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My name is Devin Marie. I'm a typical Philly girl. I love to draw. I love to sing, but only to myself or in my room. I can be shy on occasion, but If I get comfortable with you, I usually don't shut up. I'm the girl who usually speaks her mind. I am a Once Upon A Time, Les Miserables, Phantom, Doctor Who, Supernatural fan. 'Next to Normal' is, so far, one of my favorite Broadway musicals. I am very honest, and passionate towards things I like. Don't be afraid to inbox me <3


to catch a bus you have to think like a bus

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im alive but only ironically

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2011 > 2013 > 2014

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Has anyone else noticed that February 2015 is the perfect month?




I actually let out a pleased little squeak when I saw this because ohhh man, that is beautiful.

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beautiful establishing shot by Kim Manners

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